Memory of the World ᠌᠋᠋ “Altan Tobchi”᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠌᠋᠌

Memory of the World  ᠌᠋᠋ “Altan Tobchi”᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠌᠋᠌

Altan Tobchi

Altan Tobchi (literally Golden History in English) is a chronicle of Mongol history written by a clergyman named Lubsandanzan probably in 1651. Altan Tobchi provides an account of history of the Mongols from the time of Genghis khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, to Ligden Khutuhtu, the last great khan of the Mongols. It contains 233 of the 282 chapters of theSecret Historyof the Mongols with additional details in certain parts. Thus the Altan Tobchi can be regarded as the only surviving copy of the first edition of the Secret History. In addition to a brief account of Kublai khan and his successors, the Yuan emperors, it also includes a near-contemporary description of the reign and military campaigns of the Mongol khans after the fall of Yuan Dynasty.

The manuscript was obtained by Jamyan of Ongut (1864-1930), at the time the director of the Institute of Scripture and Manuscripts, from Prince Dari of Yonhsebu, the young nobleman whose ancestors came from the land of Chakhar to Setsen Khan Aimak (the present day Dornod aimak). In order to study the script thoroughly, Jamyan of Ongut made a handwritten copy of the script himself and most importantly sent it to the Great French Mongolist Paul Pelliot (1878-1945), thus putting Altan Tobchi into scientific circulation in the West. This work has come to be known among the western scholars as "Altan Tobči Nova”, to distinguish it from other chronicles of the same name. The Mongolian scholars simply call it as "Lu. Altan Tobchi” referring to its author’s name.

Altan tobchi, duly regarded as one of the most important and most-cited by foreign scholars manuscripts in Mongolian is kept at the National Library of Mongolia. It was included in the UNESCO`s Memory of the World Register in 2011.

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Memory of the World  ᠌᠋᠋ “Altan Tobchi”᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠌᠋᠌Memory of the World  ᠌᠋᠋ “Altan Tobchi”᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠌᠋᠌Memory of the World  ᠌᠋᠋ “Altan Tobchi”᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠋᠌᠋᠌


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