Golden Certificate Sutra – Exhibition Opening Ceremony

On Sunday, November 19, many public officials, library staff members and the general public gathered for the "Golden Certificate Sutra” exhibition opening ceremony at the Library Museum. This thematic exhibition was held in celebration of 106 years of the declaration of Mongolia`s independence from Qing dynasty and offers a rare opportunity for visitors to see one of the unique documents connected to the history of the Mongolian state and Buddhism. The so called "Golden Certificate Sutra" was written on the occasion of coronation of Bogdo khan and his queen Ekh Dagina in the form of couplets in the Mongolian and Tibetan languages. The "Golden certificate" consists of two chapters and has 35 pages written in golden ink, on dyed black paper using three different scripts namely Mongolian, Tibetan and Soyombo. According to Nyam-Ochir, the library restorer and main initiator of the exhibition, the poem may have been composed by a prominent leader of the Mongolian independence movement and a man of letters -Da lama Tserenchimed and the manuscript can even be regarded as a substitute for a golden certificate of appointment.


The National Library of Mongolia which holds the countries largest collection of manuscripts written in Tibetan and Mongolian script, time to time organizes exhibitions on various specific topics.

Golden Certificate Sutra – Exhibition Opening Ceremony
Golden Certificate Sutra – Exhibition Opening Ceremony


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